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Bub O'Neill

We never cease to marvel at the amazing resiliency of people. 

One of our recent clients, Bub O'Neill, was Australia's top amateur jockey during the 1960s and 70s and then turned to become a successful trainer until his necessary retirement following four major brain surgeries arising from serious falls during his early career. 

In his That's My Life biography he speaks with great humour and passion about his love for riding, his wife Judy and children, the importance of grandchildren and close friends, and how he came to grips with great sadness and the challenges of learning to speak and walk after his surgeries. 

Bub was extremely happy about the film and said in his cheeky, laconic manner, "I didn't know I was so good...It was just like riding another winner!" 

Bub showed us how perseverance, hard work, honesty and trusting others helped make him the success that he was and, in fact, still is. Overcoming great challenges is hard for anyone in this day and age but for Bub, that is what life is about, overcoming the challenges that life throws up at you, just like when he got thrown in front of his horse and four others and trampled almost to death. What did he do? Once recovered he literally got back in the saddle and went on to become the most successful amateur jockey in Australia. 

Thanks Bub, we greatly enjoyed making your film and thanks for being such a great example.

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