Tap Dancing Lawyer Inspires Trust!

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Storytelling in business provides an opportunity to interact and engage with people on an authentic level. Our film profiles offer a powerful marketing tool by fluently crafting your story to develop a stronger business identity with clarity of values and vision.

By sharing a personal story, our tap dancing lawyer becomes ‘real’ and by revealing how she measures success in ‘hugs’ highlights her values of care, honesty and integrity. Here is a lawyer who cares for the welfare of her clients and her staff. 

A That's My Life Film Biography Production for Helen Volk Lawyers

Whether you are in law, real estate, finance or just trying to promote your services, the business environment can be filled with distractions and low levels of trust. A fluent, well-told story can demonstrate authenticity (where appearances meet reality) and build trust.

Recording all or part of your story on film provides an opportunity to capture significant experiences, acknowledge achievements, differentiate you from your competitors and illustrate a clear and cohesive business identity.

Business film biographies can articulate meaning and purpose for the work undertaken and provide the reasons why we come to work each day. Business storytelling by senior management and executives inspires employees/staff to support corporate strategy and strengthen culture, elevating business reputation and profits.

If you can identify with the need for authenticity in business and want to stand out from your competitors, get in contact with Paul and Alison from That’s My Life. We’re master storytellers and will help you create your signature story.

M. 0412 088 499 or 0432 857 857

A That's My Life Business Biography profile of Helen Volk


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