"I must admit it was all worth it. Its great to have a record of your life especially when you’re at an age where you are starting to contemplate dementia.  

Simon (for his 60th birthday)




Packages/ Rates

How much would you pay to have your life story told in a professional and interesting manner? It’s a bit like the old chestnut “How long is a piece of string?" As each person’s story is different so too are the costs involved though we have based our rates around three packages for the personal biographies and short profiles and full biographies for businesses. 

Click on the icon for Rates below, fill in the form and we will send you our prices . Of course, if you would like something tailor-made, we are always happy to accommodate with a special offer.  

So give us a call or email and start the conversation today. Before we start the project, we’ll give you an exact price (with all expected deliverables) that will be locked in with a 50% deposit of the total with the remaining amount payable on delivery. Please ask for a copy of our terms and conditions should you be interested in engaging us.